【English lessons】Health management with Yoga & Pilates. Service calls to company / personal home.

Lessons in English

This is a notification to to foreign companies or companies that employ foreigners.

At Shape21, we have instructors who can speak English.
How about English for regular lessons or an event?

Simply stretch your limbs or body to refresh!
Eliminate problems of stiff shoulders and back pain under professional guidance and refresh your mind and body.

Do you aim for a body that can improve the efficiency of your business?
Our traveling instructors have been well received for example by Chinese companies and foreign customers’ homes.

In addition to English, lessons can be mixed with Japanese.
Recommended for workplaces where foreigners and Japanese people work together. This time, we introduce three Yoga and Pilates instructors.

Introduction of our Yoga Instructors

◼︎Akie(あきえ) → Details

◯ English / Japanese available
◯ English lessons are also possible (both for adults and children)

<< Areas >>
* Please contact us for other areas.

・ All 23 wards

Kanagawa Prefecture
・ Yokohama
・ Kawasaki

Experienced yoga instructor with a long record of work abroad. Perfect for customers who want to gain energy and enjoy lessons!

◼︎Jenny OkamotoDetails

◯ English / Japanese

<< Areas >>
* Please contact us for other areas.

・ All 23 wards

Kanagawa Prefecture
・ Yokohama City
・ Kawasaki City

・ Funabashi City
・ Ichikawa City
・ Narashino City
・ Urayasu City

Yoga instructor with a lot of experience giving lessons at corporate customers. We will hold lessons that will satisfy and satisfy your needs. At Shape21, Jenny is one of our very popular instructors.

Introduction of our Pilates Instructor

◼︎nori(のり) → Details 

◯ English / Japanese available
・ English not very fluent, but currently taking lessons to become more proficient.

<< Areas >>
* Please contact us for other areas.

・ All 23 wards

Pilates instructor with qualification as chiropractor. You can take lessons that are unique to instructor nori, such as specific pilates and stretching exercises with a focus on a chiropractic effect.

This time, we introduce three instructors. There are other instructors who can teach in English and Chinese. Please see for example this page. We at Shape 21 care for your well-being also if you are a foreigner.

We also can organize lessons that are primarily aimed at learning English. This means you can take two lessons for the price of one, learning English from children to adults.

Please note that the lesson fees are different for businesses and private customers. Please check the lesson fee here. Ordering lessons in English does not increase the price. You can take lessons at the same rate as Japanese lessons.

Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiries.